What if you could step into the body, health, business, wealth, life and world of your dreams?

And what if there is actually a way to change your life – in all areas, and all at once – by finding and shifting the ONE hidden issue creating all of the stuckness? See full story »

Meet Brian D. Ridgway, “The Spellbreaker”

After an abusive childhood, leading to a disastrous life, Brian dove into self-help and personal development, seeking to make his life “work”. As program after program failed to deliver the promised “full package” of transformation, Brian became as a self-proclaimed Self-Help Junkie – eventually investing over $300,000 and tens of thousands of hours into his desperate quest for a life that “worked”.

  • Joan, a 25-year veteran of high-level personal and professional development work, shares her experience with Brian D. Ridgway and the Transformation To Liberation Work


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