I’m not a healer, a teacher, or a guru.

I’m just a “reminder”, here to remind you of what you already - and always - know.

Maybe, like me, you’ve spent a ton of money, time and energy on self-help, personal development work, and “spiritual” approaches, hoping to finally “find” your happiness, freedom, power and peace. Perhaps you’ve had some positive results, but the deep scars and pains remain.

Maybe, like me, you have spent a lot of time, energy and money on diving into the “deep stuff” and, finding yourself still stuck, you wonder if there might be something wrong with you - that maybe you are “broken” in some way.

Let Me Promise You This Right Now:

You Are NOT Broken.
And You ARE Creating it All.

If you have felt confused, unclear, frustrated or disappointed in how to actually do this, I want you to know that I can relate and I understand.

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My journey into self-work started at a very young age. As a child, I heard about religion and the hope it offered for happiness. I was told that if I believed a certain way, and if I did x, y and z, life would get better. I listened, followed and did what “they” said. Life didn’t get better.

The Illusion of Problems

In my sales and marketing career, I experienced what most people would call incredible business success. Well, at least “externally”.

I created some very smart, innovative ideas, and I brought them to businesses ranging from “mom-and-pops”, all the way up to multibillion-dollar corporations. I was able to generate about $161 million in total business revenues, in 70+ different industries, including $11 million that I did in personal sales. (All of that is documented.)

But in my personal life, I was still totally stuck.

I needed help, and was near-fanatical about pursuing any system or life-approach that offered hope of relief. My personal self-help focus was not a fun pursuit, a distraction or a luxury for me. It was a life or death necessity.


My failures in life were compounded by the fact that I couldn’t even make self-help work!

I often thought, “That stuff seems to work for everybody else, but there is something SO deeply flawed in me, that I can’t even get self-help right!” The painful questions, “What is wrong with me? Am I so fucked up that even self-help can’t help me?”, were always buzzing in my mind. And my “successes” in specific areas of life actually caused me to feel worse, because I felt like a superficial fraud on top of it all.

After $300,000 of financial investment, tens of thousands of hours of study and dedication, and over 30 years of self-help junkie-dom, I ended up homeless, desperate, and suicidal

After 30 years of near-fanatical devotion to my self-help junkie lifestyle, my life was worse than ever.

In my late teens, I discovered self-help and personal development. Over the next 30 years, I invested well over $300,000 on any and every self-help book, seminar, course, program or tool that promised a miracle - or that even just offered to help me experience a life that worked. For many years, I literally devoted 20%-60% of my income into this pursuit.

I no longer trusted self-help to solve my problems -- no longer believed the promises. But I literally could not see how to stop my self-help efforts.

This led me to the next level of more “spiritually-focused” work. With desperation driving me to overcome my skepticism, I dove into every type of spiritual study, meditation approach, Law of Attraction training, coaching, belief-elimination course, seminar and program available

And Then in Early 2011, I Experienced an Intense, Profound, Life-Changing Awakening.


A Literal Miracle.

In a FLASH, everything made sense. Thirty years of self-help work all came together in ONE inner explosion and I went from suicidal to emotionally free in seconds.

Even better, this inner shift catapulted me from homeless in Van Nuys, CA - to a free all-expense-paid cruise in the Bahamas in 8 days - to living my dream in Hawaii in 67 days!

Miracles and awesomeness began to happen for me almost effortlessly. After that instantaneous shift from misery to grace, I was able to transform my suffering in hell into an amazing heaven-on-earth of Infinite Possibilities.

I went from the idea of Infinite Possibilities to knowing and experiencing the deep reality of Infinite Possibilities.

What are "Spells"?

(and why they call me "The Spellbreaker")

“Spells” are the ONLY cause of pain, frustration, sadness, procrastination, fear, difficulty, feeling overwhelmed, depression, body issues, negative emotions, and all business, money and success limitations.

A spell is a mental, emotional, and/or psychological state where one's behavior is quite literally dictated, on one or more topics or areas of life, with the person having apparently no ability to overcome his or her reactions to certain triggers.

Think, “Snow White”. When the trigger flipped, she went to sleep - and she was frozen in that state, unable to move, until she was set free by a kiss of love.

Learn the shocking truth about spells and watch this video now.

The Five Levels of Transformation

Why Level 5 Works

Does the Level 5 Approach really work? And if so, HOW? Great questions deserving a great answer.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of personal development products ‘tickle the mind’ with interesting info, but don’t really deliver the immediate and lasting transformation they promise. And, regarding most live events and products, even when there IS a breakthrough, it is very short-lived… and then life goes ‘back to “normal”‘.

In this short, yet powerful video, you’ll learn exactly how and why the Level 5 approach delivers IMMEDIATE, DEEP and LASTING insights, breakthroughs and increased freedom – to thousands around the world.

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