“…no longer addicted to self-help?”

Valorie Strickland

“Released a mind set that caused a lifetime of struggle in one session.”

Felicia Slattery

“Brian will completely change your life. I spent years with the top coaches but never had a real breakthrough, until I found Brian.”

Steve Ieverlla

“I studied self help and the Law of Attraction for years and ended up confused and suicidal. Brian gave me new meaning to life.”

Alaheh Zandi

“Years and years of stuck energy just shifted and fell away.”

Aline Boundy

“Brian has the key to open the door to your new life, away from the old programming.”

Lisa Bush

“Best workshop I ever attended, was totally blown away”

Ella Klassen

“I did a lot of personal development courses and books. Brians? gift and tools are invaluable.”

Bobby Warner