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The most powerful, literally “liberating” audio experience I’ve ever created — The Breath of Light Process 2.0 
The first version of the "Breath of Light" Process was created over nine years ago. Today, there is still nothing on earth like it. Thousands of people have used it to dissolve their illusions of separation, heal their minds and bodies and step into the living EXPERIENCE of "Oneness".

Nine years later, Brian took everything he has discovered from his thousands of hours of working with clients around the world and brought it to the development and creation of Version 2.0, and - well, you have to EXPERIENCE it to believe it.

My #1 international bestselling book Break Your Self-Help Addiction. 

This is the book that dispels ALL of the addictive myths of the self-help and self-improvement "industry". 

In this book, I explain how, after 30 years of struggling and spending over $300,000 on different self-help products, tools and systems,  I finally identified and dissolved the one thing which was holding me back. (It has helped thousands around the world, and it can do the same for you!)

It’s a quick, easy and POWERFUL read with over 300 5-star reviews on Amazon. It sells for $10.49 on Kindle — but as a group member, it is yours for free.

Powerful “Mind-Reprogramming” tool called Quantum Questions.

Quantum Questions are a powerful alternative to affirmations. Unlike affirmations, which put you in direct opposition to your own mind, Quantum Questions almost “magically” encourage your subconscious mind to change the deep beliefs which are ruling our lives - while erasing the hidden emotions that were holding them in place.

It’s the first time I’m offering Quantum Questions for free.

The Awesomeness Webinar. 

I distilled nearly 40 years of research and investigation into the most effective transformational work available. In this webinar I prove we all have one hidden core constraint which is holding us back from living our dreams . . . And I show how to dissolve it for good to create an instant, deep and lasting change in our lives.

My Facebook live streams with Q&A sessions.

In my live streams, I dive deep into different aspects of our lives and how to deal with them. I also answer members’ questions.

Access to thousands of like-minded people. 

They’ve joined my group to improve their lives, share love and to help and support each other.

And much more.
Who's Brian D. Ridgway

I’m an international speaker and #1 international bestselling author. For over 30 years I was living a hell on Earth starting with extreme childhood abuse, leading to an adult life filled with business disasters, broken relationships and depression - until I finally discovered the one thing that was holding me back.

Since then, I’ve helped over 120,000 people from 84 countries — including well known celebrities and business people — to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Here's What People Say About Me...
“I've worked with the best coaches, mentors, energy workers and shamans from around the planet. One simple question from Brian unlocked something I’ve been refusing to let go of for a really long time!” *

— Katherine McIntosh,  International speaker,
Best-Selling Author of The No-Judgment Diet
“I am no longer stuck. Brian is a true genius. Highly recommended!” *

— David Kinney, The Kinney Group
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