Are You Ready to Experience a Life of
Total Personal Freedom?
Join Brian in Paradise for 4 Days of Spellbreaking & Magic On the Big Island of Hawaii
May 10-13, 2019 

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Have you already tried everything from basic self-help to the Law of Attraction, from meditation to the “woo woo” but still feel stuck with the same thought:
“Maybe I'm doing it wrong?”

Or worse, “Maybe I'm just broken.”

The problem is not with you.

It’s with the hidden lie buried in plain sight in “self-improvement” work: the idea that you can be “improved”. We have discovered that the entire universe is a massive, endless “quantum soup” of perfect, eternal, complete, conscious energy. It is not good or bad. It is not right or wrong. And it is not incomplete.

When you take programs or go to events with the idea of “improvement”, you set your own mind directly against you. Is it any wonder that we have such an epidemic of “failed self-help programs” that the one of biggest addictions on earth today is the self-help addiction (self-proclaimed “self-help junkies” running from program to program, hitting the “seminar high” and then crashing and burning 3 days later?)

Why Should You Attend Transformation To Liberation?
Break Your Spells

Work directly with Brian & the group and effortlessly clear the repeating patterns, or "spells" that have been following you for your entire life. It doesn't take 10 years of therapy. Your life can - and will - change in a matter of minutes with the right technique. And you'll be doing it the whole time you're here. Imagine four full days of Spellbreaks with Brian eye-to-eye.

Intimate Group Setting

Each person who attends the Transformation to Liberation event is hand picked to form a tight, conscious and cohesive group for the 4-day event - each person fully committed to their own transformation. I want to be able to work closely with every single person who attends.

Picture Yourself in Paradise...

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to 11 of the 13 climate ecosystems on earth, 2 of the largest mountains on earth, free flowing lava, incredible turquoise water, a vibrant indigenous culture and gorgeous and temperate weather. The event will be held at a beautiful retreat center near the Kona Coast (exact location details coming soon)

What Makes Transformation to Liberation Different?  Ask Joan!
Joan, a 25-year veteran of high-level personal
and professional development work,  shares her experience with Brian D. Ridgway and the Transformation To Liberation Work

What you will experience at 
Transformation To Liberation
  • Find your Hidden Core Constraint - the thing that has been holding you back from achieving your goals this entire time
  • Get a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind the Law of Attraction & how you can use them - no matter your beliefs or existing spells  
  • See where in your life you are living in a lower paradigm, and shift into the Level 5 Paradigm and find solution to all your "problems" (all of them)
  • Learn the steps to experience a Core Paradigm Shift, and begin consciously creating a life you desire Attract the Money, Health, Business, Wealth, Relationships, Life and world of your Dreams
  • The only Patented Brain-Balancing System in the World - to access deeper levels of consciousness and peace
  • Next-Level Centering and Breathing Techniques to Release The Past
What you'll be doing in Hawaii

Personal and Group "Spellbreaks", breaking through each of our  own core constraints and accessing a higher level of Total Personal Freedom

A collection of ancient and cutting-edge healing technologies, including:

  • Ho'Oponopono (Hawaiian Clearing and Oneness System) & Eye gazing With Brian
  • Escape to a beautiful island paradise for 4 days with a small intimate group of conscious creators 
  • ... And have a lot of FUN doing it!
Join Brian in Paradise for 4 Days of Spellbreaking & Magic
On the Big Island of Hawaii
May 10-13, 2019 

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Now $7997