I divorced him after 16 years and couldn't find a decent man . . .
8 years later, I completely gave up, but my friend told me about . . .

A 5-Minute Process That Manifested A Wonderful Man In My Life - In Just 15 Days!

Lisa's husband CHANGED in a matter of days . . .
Debbie met her PERFECT man in less than 2 weeks . . .
Lorrie ENDED a 14-year disastrous marriage . . .
Now it's YOUR turn!

"Laura, I feel safe talking about my feelings with you. I've never felt like this in my life!"

Can you imagine hearing this from a man?

I thought it was impossible.

That's why - when I heard these words coming from a man that I have feelings for . . .

I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Nope . . .

I was still there, sitting on my sofa huddled safely between his strong arms

I never believed it was possible to have such a deep, intimate, soul-melting connection with a man . . .

And I sure never thought I would be able to find a man like him in my lifetime.

It's taken 24 years . . .

I'm truly happy in a relationship!

And now, even as I'm telling you about it, I have butterflies in my stomach . . .

Which is a bit crazy - yet it shows you how excited I am!

And soon, once I tell you my story, you'll understand why I'm so happy now.

And I want you to know that what I'm about to share here, brought me the biggest relationship breakthrough of my life.

Hi, I'm Laura and I want to tell you how one tiny "mind shift" ended my 24-year-long relationship struggles for good . . .

And made me happier than ever before in my life.

I confess - I spent thousands on relationship books, therapists and coaches - and none of them helped.

Yet this simple 5-minute process that I discovered thanks to my friend, changed my relationships forever.

That's why I'm dying to tell you about it.

This magical insight has already helped over 150,000 people.

And specifically, thousands of women like you and me, who thought they'd never be able to have a happy relationship.

You see, for 16 years, I lived with a man that didn't care about me at all.

And when we finally got divorced, I thought I'd be happy again.

I thought I'd find a decent man who would care and love me. And that we would live happily ever after.

Well . . .

This magical insight has already helped over 150,000 people.

And specifically, thousands of women like you and me, who thought they'd never be able to have a happy relationship.

You see, for 16 years, I lived with a man that didn't care about me at all.

And when we finally got divorced, I thought I'd be happy again.

I thought I'd find a decent man who would care and love me. And that we would live happily ever after.

Well . . .

I was wrong. So painfully - horribly - wrong

I spent every day for 8 years, after my divorce, desperately trying not to be lonely.

Every guy I met was awesome at the beginning. But after a few weeks, he behaved almost exactly like my ex.

And I mean, literally. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

I got to the point where I lost all hope and was convinced I would die alone.

And realized that I didn't want to have another relationship because . . . 

I was scared I'd get hurt again

Then, thanks to my friend, I discovered why all this was happening to me.

She helped me to find the one thing I was missing.

One tiny "toxin of the mind" I was completely unaware of that ruined every close relationship I tried to make.

And made me convinced that I was broken.

And you know what?

I paid thousands of dollars of my cold, hard-earned money to different therapists and relationship coaches to try to find out what was going on . . .

But none of them told me about this "mind toxin" that was always with me . . . 

Always ruining me and my relationships . . .

No matter how hard I tried to make them work.

Discovering the antidote to the toxin allowed me to dramatically change my success rate forever . . . and it took just 15 days.

I still pinch myself when I wake up, to make sure it's real . . .

Because the transformation I experienced is almost magical.

And it goes way beyond my intimate relationship.

Just recently, my adult son and I had the deepest conversation of our lives.

He was so open and welcoming to my thoughts and feelings like never before.

I also have a much deeper connection with my father. And people at work treat me with greater respect and are more friendly to me!

That's why I want to tell you all about my discovery. Because this thing had a huge and lasting impact on me, my relationships and my entire life!

And I want to tell you that no matter how tough you may think your situation is . . . 

There's ALWAYS a way out!

I was a hopeless case for years . . .

And I'd given up completely to be honest.

I thought I'd see my days out alone and just a cat for company.

Yet today, I'm happier than ever before.

And I know that it's possible for others to be like that, too.

The key is dissolving this mysterious "mind toxin" that no one talks about . . .

I'll show you in a moment what you need to do.

It started when I met other women like me who found out about this "toxin" and experienced almost magical breakthroughs after years of suffering.

One of them is Lorrie Hampton - a beautiful, strong and loving soul.

Lorrie Hampton

Once she discovered her "mind toxin" and the antidote, she finally found security and courage to peacefully end her completely failed, 14-year marriage.

What's more, for the first time in her life, she found out how to truly love herself.

This took her life to a whole new level:

  • She lost 68 pounds . . .
  • She stopped taking pain pills she'd been addicted to for 15 years.
  • She restored broken relationships with her 12 and 20-year-old daughters . . .
  • And she came back from the depths of depression stronger, happier and brighter than ever before in her life.

Then there's Lisa Cloud. She saw a miraculous change in her husband in the very first days after she melted her "mind toxin".

The crazy thing is, she never told her husband that she was doing it and never invited him to do it together . . . Yet he magically changed!

Lisa Cloud

Lisa Cloud

"After a few days, my partner CHANGED!"

"After a few days, my partner surprisingly came back to me CHANGED. I had never said a word about the process to my partner, but he literally came back full of the things I had focused on in the process!"

The same process helped Debbie attract a man from her past and experience a fountain of love, intimacy and soul-melting connection.

Debbie Hasler

Debbie Hasler

"It's been a MIRACLE!"

"12 days into the Perfect Man program, a man from my past re-entered my life. I've never felt so seen and understood - and it's because I never felt so safe before with expressing my true self."

All of that and WAY more thanks to this tiny little insight that I will show you in a moment.

First, I'd like to show you how glimpsing this insight took me from the depths of depression and gave me more love, attention and completeness than ever before in my life!

My first relationship was a textbook-example of broken hope, unfulfilled dreams, and heart-crushing loneliness

I met him in high school. We fell in love. And we got married.

It was with him, I had my first kiss, first sex, first time waking up and feeling his warmth in our bed and the security of knowing he was around.

Then, you know what happened

2 happy years flashed by like lightning and everything turned upside down.

No more long walks . . . no exciting conversations . . . and I only heard "I love you" when he wanted something from me.

From the funny, sexy and caring boy I fell in love with, my husband turned into a cold, distant and emotionally absent . . . jerk.

I couldn't believe it . . .

I was in despair

I felt so alone, so invisible and so useless . . . I spent many of my evenings crying my eyes out into my pillow, while he watched TV and didn't care.

We spent the next years living like roommates.
Not the happy loving marriage we had.

I wanted to leave him because I knew I was losing the best years of my life . . .

But the thought of being alone froze my blood.

I was scared I wouldn't be able to make ends meet - and provide for my son.

  • I was terrified of what my mom and dad would say . . .
  • What my friends would think of me . . .
  • What an example I'd be setting to my child . . .
  • And I feared that once I left my husband, I would be alone forever.

Somehow, after 16 years of living together, we finally got divorced.

For a brief moment, I thought I was free

I thought this was my chance to reinvent my life, find a genuine guy and finally become happy again - for good this time

Girl, was I wrong!

At first, it all looked promising.

I wasn't a teenage girl anymore and I wasn't looking for a knight on a white charger.

I just wanted a decent man who would care and love me.

And I thought I'd found him . . .

Silly me!

I met one guy and got involved with him . . . only to realize a few months later that he behaved almost exactly like my ex.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, I took it as a prank from the universe and moved on.

But then it got even worse.

All the other guys I met were exactly the same!

They all behaved in a similar way. Brilliant, charming and loving at the beginning . . . 

Cold, distant and passive after a few months!

They all had different bodies - but told the same jokes!

This is when it became clear to me that all men were the same.

All of them wanted only one thing - and when they got it, they lost interest.

Just like kids who are excited when they get a new toy . . . only to toss it away and forget about it 2 weeks later!

That's why I became convinced there were no good men left out there anymore.

I spent months cultivating these beliefs and crying into that pillow when I figured that maybe I was missing something.

Maybe I had to dress differently?

Maybe there was something I said that attracted such types of men?

And maybe it had to do with my vibration? With my energy?

Maybe I had to change something in order to finally "attract" the right guy?

I had to find out

So I bought dozens of relationship books and courses. I went to see therapists and took a few sessions of relationship coaching.

I followed their advice and supported my efforts with different spiritual techniques.

Because spirituality is something that has always been with me. And I always deeply believed it's a much bigger part of our lives than we all dare to think.

So I practiced the law of attraction . . . affirmations . . . raising my vibration . . . belief-elimination processes . . .

I did it all.

I believed in the beautiful promises of my teachers and gurus.

I saw the stories of women who used these techniques and changed their relationships . . .

But I saw no change whatsoever

And this is when it hit me - the only thing left was that there must be something wrong with me.

I must be broken.

And this became the nail in my coffin.

After so many dismal failures and disappointments, I lost all hope.

I was so scared of going through the same relationship hell again, I completely surrendered.

I became convinced that I could never be happy again - and that I would die alone.

As you may imagine . . . 

My life fell into tiny pieces

I had a really hard time keeping up with work and earning enough money.

My friends stopped coming over because I was always moaning and talking about how unhappy I was . . .

Even my son stopped visiting me, because I became moody and toxic.

And you know . . . I didn't even cry anymore.

I felt so empty . . . 

Like my soul had died and only my "zombie body" somehow stayed alive.

Everything was black and white. No colors.

No smile on my face.

My body looked old.

I gained weight.

The pitch-black emptiness was eating me alive.

And I didn't even "scream" for help . . .

Because I was convinced there was no way out of this dreadful limbo.

There was only one last spark of light left in my life.

My best friend.

She never gave up on me - even when I did.

She was crazy deep in spirituality. And just like me, she also found that she never got what she really wanted - despite all the effort she made.

But instead of developing depression as I did, she developed a burning passion to find out WHY.

She is one heck of a curious soul!

So one day, she came over and dragged me out for a walk.

She spent the next 30 minutes talking about some exciting new relationship discovery she'd just made.

I could barely follow what she was saying with my cloudy confused mind at that time, but I listened anyway.

She found some guy who had been living through depression and broken relationships for 40 years - and finally found how to deal with this.

Then, he made his discovery public and helped over 150,000 people from all over the world.

Specifically, he helped thousands of women just like me and you, to completely reinvent their relationships.

His name is Brian.

At that time, he did a small, test release of the new relationship-healing process he's been developing for the last 8 years.

My initial thought was "Yeah, right. What can a man know about relationships"?

But, my tireless friend accepted no excuses.

She said, "This might be your last chance, so stop talking and just do it! You'll thank me later."

Turns out, I wasn't the only one who was skeptical. But I'm soooo grateful that my friend pushed me to do it!

Have a look at what Julie says:

Julie P. Writer

"Brian's work is totally NEXT-LEVEL!"
"I was very doubtful after trying so many things. But I heard SO many people I knew praising Brian's work, so I took a chance. I had worked with several therapists and relationship coaches, and never got anywhere. Brian's work is totally next-level. For the first time, I feel truly stable and balanced when it comes to men."

Julie P. Writer

So I reached out to Brian and asked him about his process.

He said that to make it work, I need some background about him and his discoveries.


He told me. . .

He spent over 40 years researching relationships . . .

And he invested over $300,000 in his education during all these years.

He did it because just like me, he couldn't find happiness.

Yet despite his huge self-improvement knowledge and almost religious inner work, he was still needy, jealous, clingy and insecure.

The women he dated all thought he was a jerk.

His kids ignored him. Even his closest friends often preferred to go out and grab a beer without him. 

He was alone, empty and depressed

It was incredibly painful and he did everything he could to solve his problem. Yet he never found a tool or teacher that could help.

But, he didn't give up.

In 2013, after yet another agonizing breakup, he stopped chasing new books, courses or gurus.

He took his fate into his own hands.

He locked himself in his office. There, for days, he studied all the discoveries he made in 40 years of his research.

And finally, after dozens of hours of intensive research and thinking . . .

It all clicked in his mind

He found one key piece of information that's been missing from virtually all the relationship books and courses . . .

And even fewer (if any!) therapists know about it!

Brian discovered that deep in our unconscious, there's a hidden mechanism. It drives all our basic actions related to love, self-esteem and relationships in general.

Yet this mechanism is so perfectly hidden that almost no one knows about it.

And this hidden mechanism, the "mind toxin" as I like to call it, is the real root cause of most of our relationship misery.

This discovery transformed his relationships forever.

Soon after that, he found Dewi - a woman he loves and adores.

And his relationship with his 6 kids improved, too. He had never been as close with any of them as he is now.

All of this because he discovered this "mind toxin" - and found how to get rid of it for good.

Brians Family

So before we move further, let me quickly show you what this "toxin" is and how it works.

What I'm about to tell you is critical.

We're about to discover the REAL root unhappiness . . .

Of all the frustrations - the pain and unfulfilled desires, we went through in our life.

I never heard anyone except Brian talk about it

This discovery put my life on a completely new track.

A track to happiness and unlimited joy - without the biggest obstacle that kept me from having it.

This is how profound eliminating your "mind toxin" is - and I've experienced it first hand.

Brian likes to call this "mind toxin" a "Spell".

He said it reminds him of the characters from fairy tales who were under a "dark spell" that harmed them . . . even though they were not aware of it.

In a similar way, we all have harmful "Spells" in our minds - but we don't know about them.

Sure, there are people who talk about how our unconscious mind impacts our lives . . .

But what they say isn't even scratching the surface of Spells.

You see, Spells are like . . . 

Toxins, or poisons, that can infect the unconscious mind

In today's world, we accumulate lots of invisible toxins in our bodies. These toxins then make us feel achy, confused or tired. And we don't know what's going on.

In the same way, we've also collected "toxins" in our unconscious mind. We accumulated hundreds of harmful conclusions, blocks and suppressed emotions that we don't want to feel.

Our minds were flooded with these poisons without us even knowing. Because most of it happened in our childhood.

Again, many people talk about how childhood traumas influence our lives. But I never heard anyone going this deep into it as Brian does.

Anyway, right now, all these toxins - or Spells as Brian calls them - can disrupt relationships.

They create an illusion of yourself and your reality.

And whenever we want to achieve something that's not in line with your Spells and the illusions created by them . . . 

They immediately block us from achieving it!

. . . And we don't even know that's the case. Worse:

  • We think that either all men are jerks.
  • Or that there's something wrong with us . . .
  • While in reality, it's our Spells that are behind all that suffering!

They're like the DNA code. Our height, health, the color of our hair and eyes, and so on - it's all written in our DNA code.

So if we're blonde and not dark-haired - it's not our fault. It's what's encoded in our DNA. And it happens without our control.

In a similar way, our reactions, thoughts and emotions are encoded by our Spells.

And they dictate our experience in relation to love, self-esteem, men, relationships . . . 

All without our conscious control!

Whenever some current event triggers your Spells - they make you unconsciously react.

Always in the same way, always causing the same kind of outcome - over and over again. Until you finally remove them.

For example:

When someone compliments your great work, your Spells may push you to answer that you "just got lucky". Because you're programmed to unconsciously believe that you're not worthy of such compliments.

When you receive more money, your Spells may push you to find ways to spend it all on some useless things. Or they may cause you to feel like a fraud.

When you find a guy who truly loves you, your Spells can turn you into a cold and distant person, because deep down you feel that you don't deserve love.

Or, when you find a man you're attracted to, your Spells can make you feel fanatical about him. They can make you clingy and insecure - because you're unconsciously scared of becoming lonely.

These are just some general examples to show you how it works. We're all different. We all have different Spells. And we all react differently.

But there's one thing we all have in common . . .

It's NOT our fault that our private life is not like we want it to be!

  • It's not our fault that we always end up with the same type of man!
  • It's not our fault that we constantly go through the same arguments and patterns in our marriage!
  • It's not our fault that men lose interest and don't cherish us!
  • It's not because we're stupid.
  • It's not because we're broken or ugly.
  • And it's not because we're lazy or different!

We're 100% OK all the time! We're unique and beautiful! And there never was anything wrong with us!

And if someone never achieved the breakthroughs in their life . . . it's because no one told them about Spells!

When we know about Spells - it means we can dissolve them . . . and see how our relationships change.

Because they're the cause of most of our relationship issues.

And eliminating them is easier and more effortless than most people think . . .

But the change is so profound, women say it's a miracle!

It doesn't matter where we're from, who we are, or what kind of issues we're facing . . .

We can eliminate our relationship Spells by using a simple technique developed by Brian.

He calls it the Perfect Partner Process.

So I gave it a shot and what happened next, still blows the socks off my feet . . .

It seems so magical and unreal - almost like a dream.

And yet it's changed just about everything in my life.

I practiced the Perfect Partner Process for just 5-10 minutes each day.

And each time I did, I answered 4 simple questions - and I wrote my answers down.

After just 15 days . . . 

An old friend from school had found me!

We reconnected after decades of not hearing from each other.

We began meeting, and soon, we developed some feelings.

After a few weeks, the passion grew even stronger!

The butterflies in my stomach - a feeling I felt last time 24 years ago - became alive again.

And the dark cloud of depression hanging over my head for so long was gone.

This is when I realized that this guy represents everything that I REALLY want from the man in my life.

That he reflects everything that I did during the first 15 days of practicing the simple technique Brian shared with me.

And I couldn't believe it but . . .

This guy is MY perfect man!

Months passed, and our feelings grew stronger each time we met . . . Leading up to the point where we were cuddling on my sofa . . .

And he said those magical words I wrote at the very beginning of this page:

"Laura, I feel so safe talking about my feelings with you. I've never felt like that in my life! You have some magic within you!"

Oh. My. God!

I couldn't believe it.

The Perfect Partner Process was so simple, at first, I thought it was a joke.

But now I understand why Brian spent 8 years developing it.

He wanted to make sure his process was as powerful and simple as humanly possible.

Brian said even if I only practiced for 5-10 minutes a day that would be enough. This is because the whole process works in the background on a subliminal level. You're not even aware of it happening - until I found . . .

It works even when I sleep!

In essence, you just need to answer 4 simple questions and write down your answers.

The first two questions give us the clarity on what we REALLY want from a man. They dissolve any illusion we believed in up until now. And they replace these illusions with our true needs and feelings.

At the same time, these questions reach our unconscious mind and help us clear our relationship Spells.

Then, by answering the other two questions, we introduce some new cleansing ideas and feelings in the place of the old, stale, unwanted ones.

These fresh ideas start influencing our thoughts and actions - but that's not all.

They also begin influencing our vibration - our energy. And by doing it, they allow the universe to mirror our new energy and . . .

Make it easier for us to achieve what we want!

The results are spectacular!

ordinary woman

I manifested MY perfect man into my life!

happy woman

Tabitha realized that she had been "settling" for much less than she wanted. She confidently and gracefully ended the relationship she had been suffering in for years. Incredibly - just two weeks later, the man of her dreams walked right into her life.

Joanne Phoenix

Joanne Phoenix found the courage to finally end her disastrous 25-year marriage. And she did it more elegantly and effortlessly than she thought possible.


Angela, after her third day using the process, said that she was able to communicate with men from a place of calm, centered confidence. And ALL of her relationships with men automatically changed pace.

Caron Prins

Caron Prins thought she already had a pretty amazing partner and relationship with him. Now their relationship built to new levels she wasn't expecting.

The Perfect Partner Process allowed me to dissolve the biggest, most persistent and almost invisible obstacles that were holding me back from having an amazing intimate relationship.

It helped me dissolve my relationship Spells. And when I did it . . .

The heavens broke loose!

Not only did my old friend - my perfect man - show up in my life . . .

But the way I perceive myself with men and relationships has forever changed!

For the first time in my life, I know EXACTLY what I want from the man.

And such a man came to my life in 15 days!

And now, to my astonishment, I'm open and honest with him like I've never been before.

You know, I liked talking about my feelings, but I always skipped the "deep stuff" . . .
I feared no man would ever accept the true me I gave them.

This time, I've nothing to hide. I'm 100% upfront with every single emotion, feeling and need. Even with my deepest sexual fantasies.

I feel 100% safe to share these with my man. And for the first time in my life, I'm not scared that he may leave me.

Because, you see . . .

He's blown away with my honesty!

He says that he never met a woman as open as me. And this also makes him feel safe to open up and share his deepest ideas with me too!

I mean - have you ever seen a man . . .

  • Openly talking about his past relationships?
  • Crying next to you?
  • Sharing his vulnerability?
  • Asking for your help?
  • Admitting that he doesn't have answers to everything and he too wants to feel and express emotions just like you do?

Me neither . . . up until recently.

I thought it was impossible . . . 

Now, it's as natural as breathing!

What still blows me away is that my honesty works like a magnet to him. He's always willing to talk and he still has the same spark in his eyes as he did when we first reconnected.

And - when I showed him my true self - I finally received all the appreciation and attention I craved so badly in my life.

I am once and for all seen, cherished and appreciated - because I am my TRUE SELF!

The irony is, I always thought that being upfront would scare men away from me.

Now, I know that this is one of the real keys to finding the right man. 

I wish I'd known it 24 years ago!

I'm forever grateful for Brian's Perfect Partner Process.

Because it gave me the biggest breakthrough of my life.

Since then, it has become my mission to share the Perfect Partner Process with every woman who is unhappy in their most intimate and important relationship.

Because this technique works - and I've seen it first hand.

  • I saw young women who, thanks to using it, can avoid the mistakes I made when I was younger.
  • I saw lonely women who almost miraculously found their perfect guy when practicing this process - after years of heartache and yearning.
  • I saw married women who thought they'd never experience true passion, connection and intimacy with their husbands . . . and who are now experiencing even greater happiness than ever before.

Just look at these real life stories:

Deborah Sakamoto

Deborah Sakamoto

"I instantly found the most wonderful man!"

"I ended a non-ideal relationship and almost immediately after met the cutest most wonderful man."



"I know I DON'T need anyone else to make me happy!"

"Brian, I have never been sooooooo happy being single. I KNOW I don't need anyone else in my life to "make me happy". And now I KNOW I can finally function sanely and lovingly again in a real relationship."

Erika Ham

Erika Ham

"Before I met Brian, I didn't understand what unconditional love was"

  • "Before I met Brian:

    - I believed that pushing away my feelings was healthy
    - I believed in "loss"
    - I spanked and controlled my children
    - I didn't understand what unconditional love was

    Brian, I love you so much!"
Debbie Hasler

Debbie Hasler

"My relationships with my children are improving"

"My relationships with my children are improving. My feeling of belonging in my workplace has actually taken the place of my insecurities and self-doubt about what people think of me."

Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris

"I have felt a relief of judgment and blame"

"I have felt an amazing relief of judgment and blame I carried for years through many partners."

Pallavi Kapoor

Pallavi Kapoor

"In less than an hour, the grief over the passing of my husband was gone"

"In less than an hour, the grief I'd carried from the passing of my first husband was gone. Completely gone. I had tried so many things, but this process is just amazing."

Elaine Rosales

Elaine Rosales

"I love myself and others unconditionally!"

"In the past I thought I couldn't love anyone fully or be loved, Now I can love myself and others unconditionally without any expectation. I am more present listening in conversations and notice I am no longer reacting."

This all gives me the confidence to say that . . .

This simple process really works!

  • We may come from different houses.
  • We may have different colors of skin.
  • We may have different income levels.
  • Some of us may be older, some younger.

Yet there's one thing that most of us have in common: 

We have unconscious Spells that keep on ruining our relationships!

Brian has worked with over 150,000 people - and he's yet to meet a person who was free from Spells.

Brian Speaking

For each and every person he worked with - Spells were always the root cause of ALL their struggles.

Especially those related to intimate relationships.

So if we all have the same root cause to our relationship misery . . . And if nothing we tried worked before . . .

It means that Brian's Perfect Partner Process could be the only thing left to finally allow us to . . .

Finally become happy!

It certainly did for me and thousands of other women who followed Brian's guidance.

That's why I wanted to make sure that Brian released this process ASAP!

I know he hesitated because he wanted to be 100% sure that his process really worked for everyone before he put it out there.

It's why he spent 8 years improving it before he finally decided to do a test launch.

And I got lucky enough to take part in this very first launch. I really am a different person these days.

This test gave Brian all the proof he needed to be . . .

100% ready to share this process with others!

So he wrote a book in which he introduces the key ideas of his work - and presents this magical process.

He called this book "Your Perfect Man" - because, as he says, the true definition of the word "perfect" means "complete".

Your Perfect Man Book

And this book helps you find your perfect, complete man.

This book is totally different from any other I have ever read. It's not one of those 300 pages books filled with fluff. This book is condensed only to the insights you need to make it work. Nothing more, nothing less.

That's why you'll read it in just 2-3 evenings!

In it, Brian takes you by the hand and smoothly walks you through everything you need to know to start changing your relationships.

And he does it all in plain English.

To make it work . . . 

100% ready to share this process with others!

So he wrote a book in which he introduces the key ideas of his work - and presents this magical process.

He called this book ?Your Perfect Man? - because, as he says, the true definition of the word ?perfect? means ?complete?.

Your Perfect Man Book

And this book helps you find your perfect, complete man.

This book is totally different from any other I have ever read. It?s not one of those 300 pages books filled with fluff.

This book is condensed only to the insights you need to make it work. Nothing more, nothing less.

That?s why you?ll read it in just 2-3 evenings!

In it, Brian takes you by the hand and smoothly walks you through everything you need to know to start changing your relationships.

And he does it all in plain English.

To make it work . . . 

We don't need to develop any new habits

  • We don't need any new routines . . .
  • No affirmations, visualization or vision boards.

Just read the book, which will take you about 2-3 evenings, and then you just need to start practicing with the Perfect Partner Process.

As Brian said, even as little as . . . 

5 minutes per day is enough for it to do its magic!

Can you imagine it?

Picture yourself 1 month from now - happier, more confident and more loving in yourself than ever before in your life.

Think how you'd feel knowing that you're 100% perfect, just as you are. That there's nothing wrong with you.

That you're infinitely safe to be who you are and who you want to be.

That you have unlimited happiness within you - and you no longer expect a man to make you happy.

  • Maybe your husband will surprisingly change, just as it happened for Lisa Cloud?
  • Maybe, just like Joanne Phoenix, you'll find the courage and confidence to end a hopeless relationship?
  • Or maybe you'll manifest that perfect man into your life just like Debbie Hasler did?

And what if you'll start loving yourself on a whole new level . . . And that love will influence your entire life?

What if, just like Lorrie Hampton, you'll reconnect with your kids.

What if, like her, you'll say goodbye to the years of depression, and all sorts of addictions. 

And what if you'll lose weight and . . .

Start shining so bright like never before!

Girl, I've seen it all happen with my own eyes.

Heck, I have experienced it on my own. I was drowning in the depths of misery myself - and I'm not anymore!

I know you can experience it, too!

That's why I can't recommend enough you getting hold of Brian's new book and trying it.

Especially as I'll show you in a moment . . .

How you can test it for free!

I know that Brian wants to offer this book and the Perfect Partner Process for just $88.

And personally, I think this is a pure steal. Here's why:

  • I used to spend $200 on a single therapy session (and I bought way too many of them!).
  • I bought courses worth all the way from $200 to $1,000 (I was so desperate!)
  • And I don't even dare to remember how much I spent on relationship coaching (All I know is that TOO MUCH!!)

All these have two things in common.

First, they're expensive.

Second, they didn't work for me - not like the Perfect Partner Process did.

That's why I couldn't believe Brian wants to offer it for just $88.

But then . . . 

He did something even crazier

He figured he'll make the first release way cheaper than $88.

He says it's because this book is more needed now than ever . . . Because of the strange times we live in.

That's why, if this page is still live . . . 

It means that you can get the Your Perfect Man book and the Perfect Partner Process for just $33!


That's 62.5% cheaper than the initial price . . .

And over 6 times less than I used to pay for a single therapy session!

To me, this is the deal of a lifetime.

And, as I mentioned earlier . . . 

You can test this book for free!

That's right. Brian's mission is to help people make a real and lasting change in their lives.

He was once in despair and couldn't get the help he needed. That's why he understands how tough it can be . . .

And he offers you a 180-day money-back guarantee!

Get the book, go through it and follow Brian's guidance. If you practice regularly with the Perfect Partner Process and see no change whatsoever, you have a whole 180 days - six-months - to get a full refund.

No questions asked!

Now, I think you'll be blown away by the power and simplicity of this book and the whole process.

It's an amazing offer that I wish I could have taken advantage of 24 years ago.

And, just when I thought Brian couldn't get any "crazier" than this, he came up with one more thing.

He decided to give you . . . 

A special bonus to your book!

One of the most powerful ways that help me stay calm and centered, is talking to my Inner Child.

I'm doing it whenever I feel anger, sadness or fear. This technique helps me stop reacting and stay in control of my feelings and responses . . .

And, as you know it very well, controlling our feelings is critical in relationships.

That's why Brian gives you one of his blockbuster techniques - the Inner Child Meditation.

Listen to it whenever you want. And with each time, it will help you experience a new sense of peace and calmness.

This audio meditation is worth $88 - yet you get it for free with your book!

But wait . . . 

Here's the second bonus!

Not long ago, Brian hosted his first-ever live Your Perfect Man program. In it, he personally helped a group of 86 women deal with all sorts of relationship troubles.

To introduce them to the program, he hosted an Orientation Session. During this session, he walked the participants through his process and answered their questions.

Many of the women said they got their money's worth just from this single session.

Brian decided to give you a video clip from the Orientation Session in which he introduces the Perfect Partner Process and answers participants' questions.

The recordings of this program are worth $777 . . . yet Brian gives you the video clip from the Orientation Session absolutely free, when you get his book.

And . . . there's one more thing . . .

A Special Optional Bonus . . .

Your Perfect Man Premium Audiobook Package!

Brian loves audiobooks. And he takes the meaning of "audio" to a whole new level. His audiobooks are like nothing I've ever seen.

So I let him explain why - as he knows it best.

"Hi there, it's Brian. Back in the day, just like many people I know, I didn't have enough time to read all the books I wanted.

I had partially solved this problem by getting audiobooks that I could listen to during the day.

But there was an issue with that. I was often distracted while listening. And found it hard to remember what the book was about.

This is when I found a brilliant way to solve both of these issues.

You see, I am a professional musician. I understand how different sounds influence our brain.

So I took the audiobooks I owned and added brain-stimulating sounds to them. This way I made sure my mind absorbed this new knowledge as efficiently as possible.

It worked so well . . . 

I was blown away by the results!

This simple trick allowed me to focus 100% on the audiobook even during my normal daily activities . . . and it let me absorb insights better and faster than usual.

I do this even today . . . and I did this for you, too.

First, I recorded an audio version of Your Perfect Man. Then, I added different background tracks that speed up and deepen your transformation.

As a result, I ended up with 5 different audio versions of my book that you can use at different times of the day . . . and you'll get exactly the same results as you would by reading the book with 100% focus.

Having the audiobook version allows you to listen to Your Perfect Man even when you have no time to read. For example, when driving a car, working out, cleaning the house. Even at work or while walking your dog.

This means that especially when you're busy and easily distracted . . . you can still achieve amazing results faster than you thought possible!

This audiobook uploads these life-changing insights into our brains . . .

Just like you upload photos to your computer. And I have even prepared a version that works when you sleep!

So it doesn't matter how busy you are or if you have trouble concentrating.

This Premium Audiobook Package can help you absorb these amazing insights quickly and easily. Period!

And, as I'll ll show you in a moment, you can get these audiobooks under some very special conditions.

Here's what's included in this Bonus Package:

  1. 1
    A full audiobook in a single file

    Just upload it to your device and listen to it whenever you want.
  2. 2
    A full audiobook with each chapter in a separate file

    With this, you can quickly re-listen to the chapters you liked the most. Or quickly find answers to your questions whenever you need to.
  3. 3
    The Alpha Version

    Alpha brain waves supercharge your energy and mental clarity.

    Thanks to it you're able to master life-changing information even during a busy day with a 100% focus. In the alpha-state you're putting your brain in a "learning mode". So it absorbs the information faster and it stores it more easily.
  4. 4
    The Schumann Frequency Version

    Schumann Frequency is the natural frequency of Earth - using it calms you down and helps you relax. So that's included too.

    It quickly relieves anxiety after and during your day. By helping you relax, this version makes the information reach even deeper levels of your mind.
  5. 5
    The Delta Version

    This version is perfect to listen to before you go to sleep.

    It helps you to get a deeper, more restful sleep while also gently soaking the material into your mind.

To me, adding the Premium Audiobook Package to your order is a no-brainer. Because it perfectly supplements the book.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has done anything like this before.

I'm not offering these audiobooks anywhere else - not even on my website.

This is the only place where you can get it.

If you don't add it to your order, you will lose your chance of getting it . . . and making your transformation faster and smoother than you thought possible.

So only on this page, can you get the Premium Audiobook Package at the special price of $22 all in.

The audiobook is added to your order by default. Yet if you choose to buy the book without it, simply uncheck the box on the order page (see the instructions below). Thank you!"

Hey, it's Laura back again. I did a quick recap of what you get when you order the book now:

  • The Your Perfect Man book that prepares you to use the Perfect Partner Process for maximum results (Value $88)
  • The Inner Child Meditation that helps you stay calm and centered no matter what happens (Value $88)
  • A video clip from the Orientation Session from Brian's live Your Perfect Man program. There's no possibility to get this session separately, so you'd have to invest $777 to get it - but it's added to your book for free
  • An Optional Premium Audiobook Package that is only available on this page (Value $49.95 - you get it for just $22!)
  • A special, surprise bonus that you'll find in your book.

It all adds up to over $953 worth of life-changing insights. And if you act now and take advantage of the "First Release Offer"you can get it all for just $33!

Plus, you're still protected by Brian's 180-day money-back guarantee.

What if you don't order it now?

Let's see. I tried all sorts of products before I found Brian, and none of them really worked for me. So if I were to bet my own money, I'd say you'll spend lots of cash on books or courses that have a very slim chance of changing anything in your life.

And when you do it, a few months from now, you'll remember my story of how Brian's technique had helped me. But then, this special offer will be probably long gone and you'll have to invest $88 or more.

But what's worse, you'll lose your precious time still being sad and frustrated. This can harm your relationships even more and badly impact your health.

But what if you take advantage of this special offer and get the Your Perfect Man book now?

First of all, you lose nothing - because if you're unhappy with it, you'll get your money back. 

And when it works - my God!

It could help youend life-long misery in private life and discover a new sense of love, connection and intimacy!

It could help you relieve depression, and find unlimited, unconditional happiness . . .

When other women did this, they either realized that their husbands changed . . . or they almost magically manifested their perfect men into their lives!

Yes, this tiny investment can have such a massive impact. I've seen it first hand.

It's just $33 - and these techniques have changed the lives of thousands of women.

So take advantage of this "First Release Offer", save 62.5% and receive over $953 worth of bonuses!

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