EXTREMELY LIMITED: This Black Friday Edition of "Your Perfect Man"  Program is Limited to 222 Women

YES! It's time to STOP wasting life being unhappy. Every woman deserves to find their dream partners or heal their current relationships. Every woman deserves warm hugs, understanding, and long conversations. Every woman deserves the deep, soul-melting closeness, movie star kisses, and passionate romantic life that never ends! I want Brian to show me how it's possible to achieve it!

Here's What You're Getting: The special, Black Friday edition of "Your Perfect Man" program which includes:

Lifetime access to "Your Perfect Man" program (Regular price: $777)

7 weeks of Brian's live mentoring on relationships, including live Spellbreaking sessions for FREE (Worth $616)

BONUS recordings of Brian's most profound relationship Spellbreaking sessions (Worth $444)

Private Facebook Group for women only, to further discuss this ultra-important topic and find even deeper insights and support. (Priceless)

In total, you're getting over $1,800 worth of life-changing materials and live mentoring but you won't pay even half this price for it. In fact, as you'll soon see, you can join this program today for 75.3% OFF its regular value!

In 7 short weeks as you follow Brian's guidance, you can . . .

  • Get 100% clarity on who REALLY is your perfect partner (and it could happen in the first 3-5 days.) You will define all the tiniest features and characteristics of your dream man. It will help you feel all the emotions and feelings such a perfect guy ignites in you. And this is the key to reflecting such a man in a woman's life.
  • Perceive relationships from an entirely different perspective. (No matter if you're looking for the perfect man or want to save your relationship or marriage.) The best part is, you won't be learning any new things and you won't be doing any inner work! You'll be practicing with ONLY one tool, just a few minutes daily - with no routines, affirmations, vision boards or anything like it. People who went through this system describe their results as "miraculous".
  • Find entirely new ways to communicate. You'll know how to create a safe and 100% honest environment for your man, so he can open up and share his deepest thoughts, worries and feelings with you. You will know how to eliminate the barriers that stand between you two - and probably for the first time, you both will start communicating by using your hearts, emotions and feelings - not thoughts, arguments and cold logic.
  • Start getting to the REAL roots of your relationship issues. No matter whether you're looking for the perfect man or want to save your relationship - I will guide you to start uncovering the surprising root causes that prevent you from achieving it.

  • Get a chance to dissolve deep, life-long issues thanks to my live Spellbreaking sessions. If you see repeating patterns in your relationships - always finding men that lose interest, drink too much, are cold and distant or anything else - it means there's a hidden Spell (or Spells) that causes these situations. I will help you to start dissolving them.
  • Learn to recognize and eliminate "manipulators" from your environment. They may be making you feel bad about yourself without you even knowing - now you will know exactly when this happens and how to stop it.

  • Start improving your other relationships. You'll have a much deeper, effortless and loving connection with your kids. You'll also learn to forgive your parents and friends and what to do to restore all the broken relationships that are important to you.

  • Truly, unconditionally love yourself. The MOST IMPORTANT relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. If you're in "bad" relations with yourself, you will never be able to create healthy relationships with others. I will help you awaken true unconditional love for yourself. I will show you how to better recognize and express your needs and to respect yourself on a much deeper level than ever before.

Your Perfect Man Black Friday Bonuses

bonus 1

BONUS 1: Brian's most profound relationship Spellbreaking sessions. 

Become present and watch how I helped others dissolve their life-long relationship issues. Many people experience their own breakthroughs by simply watching these sessions.

You get access to these sessions right after you complete your order - even before the mentoring program begins. 

Plus, you get to keep the recordings so you can watch them over and over again and experience even bigger liberation in everything that was holding you back from being loved and happy! Costs $444 - you get it for FREE!

bonus 2

BONUS 2: Pre-Training.

As soon as you join us, you'll get access to a private Facebook group and a members' area, where I'll be hosting some warm-up exercises and live videos. These materials alone will be worth your investment in this program!

This is the only time when I'm adding my live, 7-week mentoring to "Your Perfect Man" program for free . . . and offering you to join us for way less than the price of the program alone! I'm doing it for two reasons.

First, because it's Black Friday, and I have never done a BF promo before.

Second, because I've been waiting years for the perfect moment to launch this miraculous program - and I know this moment is NOW. That's why I'm making it available for a fraction of what it is worth and I will not repeat this offer again.

After this edition, "Your Perfect Man" will be available as a standalone program without my live mentoring and it will be selling for $777.

To recap, you're getting over $1,800 worth of tools, insights and guidance . . . and you can join us today for just $444 (that's a 75.3% discount)!