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With Brian D. Ridgway

Dear Friend,

Thank you for watching my “liberating” video experience.

I am thrilled that you decided to join me in the Living in Oneness program. You’re just one step short from stepping into your own “Heaven on Earth”.

I have also prepared an amazing surprise that can supercharge your transformation . . . but we’ll get to that soon. Now, let me do a quick recap of what you’re getting in the Living in Oneness program.

Here’s what you get:

Module 1: Presence - The Perfect Path to Peace, Power, and Perpetual Prosperity

Module 2: “Global” SpellBreak Series

Module 3: Self-SpellBreak Mastery

Module 4: Mastering Quantum Questions

Module 5: Mastering Self-Love

And this is what you’ll experience:

After Module 1, you’ll never feel overwhelmed by emotions, events, and other people again. Instead, you’ll control your feelings, emotions and reactions — no matter the circumstances.

In Module 2, you’ll get access to my library of SpellBreaking videos. And by watching them in presence, you’ll be able to dissolve any of those “global”, universal issues like eating disorders, chronic pain, money problems or feelings such as “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t deserve” and much more.

In Module 3, you’ll learn how to recognize and dissolve ANY issue (Spell) in your life. No matter if this is a known issue that you’ve been struggling with for years . . . Or an issue that just showed up in your life.

In Module 4, you’ll learn how to use Quantum Questions to bypass your conscious mind and replace your old beliefs that you don’t want . . . with the new, liberating ideas that you prefer.

Module 5 will let you have the closest, most connected and filled with love relationships — with your family, with your kids, with your friends and everyone that you care about - by starting with yourSELF.

Your Special Surprise:

I want to thank you for getting Living in Oneness . . . and, at the same time, I am dedicated to helping you enhance and change your life for good.

That’s why I’m giving you a FULL MONTH of Liberation Conversations with Brian. 

It’s a monthly membership where each week, we’re meeting for a 1-hour (or more) call where I personally help members dissolve and overcome the issues they’re facing.

This is the most affordable way to get direct access to me and my work . . . And now, I’m giving you a month for free — with no commitment and no obligation to continue.

You can use your free month to jump-start your transformation — and if you’ll stay longer, it will be only $88.88 per month (just $22 per session).

If you want to add a free month of Liberation Conversations with Brian, check the box in the order form below:

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You'll be meeting with Brian in a LIVE session for an hour or so every week.

Bring your biggest questions and challenges and be ready for true, pure awesomeness as he helps you dissolve those issues back into Infinite Possibilities.

You will get a full month of sessions FREE of charge, then you will be charged $88.88 per month (Just $22 per session) with no commitment to continue.

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