Finally, an Easy Way to Get Brian's Help Every Week!

Join Liberation Conversations - a new program where you meet with Brian and other members every week and get an All-Access-Pass to Brian's programs, courses and tools!

What is Liberation Conversations

Liberation Conversations is a new "low entry" monthly program that allows you to work with Brian live.

Every Monday, at 12 noon PT/ 7 pm in London / 6 am Tuesday in Sydney, you'll meet with Brian and your fellow participants on an hour-long live webinar.

During this webinar you can ask Brian questions, get his direct feedback and guidance . . . and even jump on a Spellbreaking session with him.

Why Joining Us

Brian created Liberation Conversations to bridge the gap between the free content he shares on his social media and his high-ticket programs that not everyone can afford.

Liberation Conversations is the only way to meet with Brian every week without paying $800 for a private session . . . Or $24,000 to spend four days with him in Hawaii.

So if you ever wanted to work with Brian 1-on-1 but something stopped you - this is the perfect chance to do it.

Brian Can Help You:

  • Get unstuck when it comes to money - and enhance your financial situation, just as he did for Justin Lachance
  • Dissolve the real roots of your low self-esteem and help you begin truly loving yourself as he did for Christie Appleton
  • Create a deep, true and lasting connection with your kids as he did for Debbie Hasler.
  • Find peace after losing a loved one, just as he did for Pallavi Kapoor
  • Relieve and even dissolve different health issues. He helped different people to let go of multiple sclerosis, severe scoliosis, PTSD and even serious health issues that many call "incurable."
  • Find love, connection and happiness in relationships as he did for Caron Prins or Juliet Platt
  • Take your business to the next level or even double it, as he did for Jack Vidal
  • And much, much more!

Join Us Today and Get:

Weekly webinar with Brian (Value: $176 per month)
An hour long webinar where Brian covers popular topics and answers your questions.

Recordings of all the previous "Liberation Conversations" webinars (Value: $1232)

Private Facebook group where fellow members share love and support you

And much more!

That's over $1,300 worth of tools, insights and guidance. And as a member of our Family, you get it all for a special price!

Join us today and instead of $176/month
Get it all for just $88/month!

$88 per month - that's 22 bucks per week, and you can work with Brian, ask him any questions you want . . . and even get invited for a Spellbreaking session!

Plus, you can stay for as long you want - and quit whenever you prefer.

Join Us Now!

Join us and allow yourself to experience true and lasting breakthroughs in every area of your life!

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