How a Broke Father of 6 Ended His Money Struggle After 30 Years of Searching for an Answer

It took me 30 years of financial disasters, depression and tears to finally find the solution that liberated me and thousands of other people from money struggle. Here’s what it is and how it works.

As I was standing on the bridge, the voice in my head screamed “DO IT!”

It was 2011 — and I had hit rock bottom….again.

Before that, I generated over $161 million in revenues for myself and my clients.

I was a successful salesman, often featured in business magazines, so I knew how to make money. The problem was, I couldn’t keep it . . .

And I was constantly broke.

Whenever I made a larger sum of money — I lost it all in a matter of days . . .

And I had no clue why.

The “Feast or Famine” Cycle

This pattern repeated 7 times in 30 years, and it destroyed my life.

Because whenever I got the taste of real money . . .

Whenever I thought I could finally buy all those things I desired . . .

Whenever I thought I could finally provide for my wife and kids and take them on a trip around Europe . . . soon after that, I lost it all again.

My life back then was a pure definition of the “feast-or-famine” cycle . . . and I had no clue what caused it.

Plus, while working as a salesman, I saw other people struggling with money.

I saw people that no matter what they did, they never could make enough money . . .

I saw people that just like me were making and losing it over and over again . . .

And I saw billionaires that, despite their wealth, were miserable.

It seemed to me that there was some invisible force preventing me and the other people from either being wealthy or fulfilled. And I wondered why this happened.

I Was Desperately Searching for Help . . .

That’s why early in my life I dove deep into self-help and spirituality. I remember how amazed I was with their techniques and methods. And I remember how each new “solution” gave me the hope that it will finally end my misery.

So I bought every self-help or spiritual book you can name . . . 

I bought all kinds of courses and mentorings . . . 

I attended seminars, masterminds and conferences . . . 

And then, I followed all those teachings to the letter:

  • I was constantly visualizing.
  • I was constantly saying affirmations.
  • I was constantly listening to motivational talks.
  • I was constantly focused on raising my vibration.
  • I tried meditation.
  • I focused on mastering the Law of Attraction and a dozen other techniques . . .

And you know what?

I ended up spending over $300,000 on all those products over the course of 30 years . . . and my life didn’t change a tiny bit.

Actually . . . it changed. I felt a lot WORSE!

You see, at that time I thought everyone around me was succeeding using similar techniques to what I did . . . and yet, there I was, so screwed up that I couldn’t even make self-help work for me.

And then, there was my “gift.”

I Helped Others . . . Yet I Couldn’t Help Myself

When I was about 3 years old, I discovered that I had a unique “gift.”

You see, I never judged people. I unconditionally loved them just as they were. Thanks to that, I had the ability to listen to them without judging.

And because I wasn’t judging them, I was able to see and identify the hidden causes of their problems, quickly and easily. Every time.

I could see where they were struggling . . . and what was holding them back.

"Brian is not just a genius. Brian is very connected, very knowledgeable, very passionate and the best I’ve ever seen at uncovering peoples’ problems."

Blake Goodwin,
CEO - VideoOptimize

So whenever I met a new person, after a few minutes of chatting, this unusual “gift” kicked in — and I was able to identify the root cause of each and every problem they’d been experiencing.

The problem was . . . I was somehow able to help others dissolve their issues — even though I didn’t know how I was doing it — yet I couldn’t do the same for me!

And it made me feel terrible.

That’s why for the best part of my life, I perceived this “gift” as my curse.

This nightmare continued for 30 years, up until 2011, when I lost everything the 7th time . . . yet this time, I literally lost everything.

My situation was so desperate, I couldn’t even afford to stay for one more night at our crappy, one-room hotel . . . I had only enough money left to buy one fast-food meal for my pregnant wife and 2 youngest kids . . . and the very next day . . . 

We were going to land on the street — homeless, hopeless and miserably stuck.

I felt like an utter loser. I was devastated. I wanted to die.

For the first time in my life, I gave up on everything — my dreams, hopes, goals . . . and I gave up on myself and my life . . .

As a result, for the first time in my life, there was nothing going on in my head.

There were no thoughts, no ideas — nothing. Silence. And I believe this put me in a state, where I was able to “receive”.

And I say “receive” because that’s exactly what happened. To my pure joy and amazement, it felt like some force that I didn’t understand at that time, showed me the ultimate solution to my money struggle.

And that event changed everything.

My Amazing Discovery

So the true reason for my struggle had nothing to do with “money blocks”, with my vibration, with the Law of Attraction, with affirmations . . .

Or with me being an idiot or failure.

In fact, I discovered that it wasn’t even my fault that I struggled with money . . . and that I was completely perfect the entire time.

During all those years of pain and struggle, I did everything I could to improve my financial situation but it didn’t happen ONLY because I wasn’t aware of the ONE thing that NO ONE talks about.

My Money Miracle

Exactly 8 days after that realization, I was on an all-expenses-paid business trip to the Bahamas, as a marketing director of a multi-million-dollar company.

67 days after that, I moved to my heaven on Earth in Hawaii, where I live till this very day.

And I have never experienced money problems since.

In fact, what I discovered in 2011 was so profound that in the 9 years following those events — this discovery has helped tens of thousands of people who came to me for help.

"After investing over $500K in personal development over 40 years, I thought I knew it all. Within just a few minutes with Brian, he helped me re-think everything I do. Amazing!"

Mike Sypsomos

Hi, I’m Brian D. Ridgway. I’m a #1 International bestselling author and an international speaker.

In the last 9 years, I’ve helped over 120,000 people from 84 countries, to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

My clients are ordinary people, executives, business people, celebrities and even billionaires.

In fact, about 40% of my top clients are spiritual healers, teachers, psychologists, self-help gurus and mentors that help other people . . . yet despite their knowledge, they haven’t been able to deal with their deepest issues on their own.

That’s why some call me the “mentor of mentors.”

"Brian’s methods are like nothing I have ever seen for getting to the root of life-issues and dissolving them."

Mitch Russo, a former CEO of Tony Robbins’ “Business Breakthroughs Intl”

And today, I will share my amazing wealth discovery with you. But first, I will make sure you grasp why it’s so powerful and how it works.

The Real Truth About Money

First, I will show you the ONLY reason why you’re experiencing financial issues . . . and why all the solutions you’ve tried never got you the result you desired.

Then, I will show you the easiest and the most comprehensive solution to improving your financial situation I am personally aware of.

It’s a simple and proven process that I designed 9 years ago. And to make it the most powerful tool on Earth, I recently updated it with my newest discoveries — which I developed over the course of 9 years and hundreds of private sessions I’ve done with people who needed help with money.

The reason I am sharing it with “the public” now is the current set of global events - with millions of people worried about their future.

The lockdown has taken its toll on all of us. 

Some lost jobs, some live in uncertainty and some are scared to death they won’t be able to provide for their kids and families.

And I want to change that by showing you my proven process to change your financial situation forever.

I have had people that I walked through this process . . . and even before we ended our session, they received an unexpected check, a wire or a commission.

"Right after Brian walked me through the process, I had a phone call. So I picked it up (which was kinda rude, because the session was still in progress . . .) and I realized, I have just made $3,330 . . . just like that. Then, the phone rang 3 more times — and I got 3 new and enthusiastic people that wanted to do business with me! Before this, I had been totally stuck for months."

Justin Lachance

I have had people experiencing their money miracle a day or two after the session . . .

"The day after the session, I received an unexpected check for over $3000. Two days after that, I closed a $30,000 sale which meant another $3,000 in the bank!"

Shira Addato

I have had people who miraculously got rid of their debts . . .

"Over the course of two years, my money was gone and all of my opportunities had dried up. The morning after my first session with Brian, I got a call telling me that my entire 6-figures of debt had been completely eliminated. Gone. Truly miraculous results."

Stephanie Sterling

And I have had people repeating the process over and over again . . . and then messaging me to say how much their financial situation has improved.

Today, it is my goal to do the same for you!

It is my intention to give you the tool that can change your financial situation so profoundly that you will be the one to message me tomorrow . . . or a few days later, saying what amazing money miracles are happening in your life.

First though, let me show you the ONE and ONLY reason why you’re struggling with money . . . that no one talks about.

The Root of Your Money Problems

  • All kinds of gurus like to tell us we have “money blocks” . . .
  • Or that our “negative” thoughts attract poverty or make us unhappy . . .
  • Or that we need to raise our vibration in order for money to flow to and stick with us.

And maybe you’ve heard of some other “causes” that I didn’t mention here . . . but don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because all those “causes” aren’t true. In fact, they are nowhere near the root of your money problems.

Because if they were, you wouldn’t be reading this page . . . and I wouldn’t have needed to spend 30 years searching for an answer, right?

So what is the real cause?

For simplicity, I call it “money personalities”.

Your money personality designs your entire experience related to money and abundance. It unconsciously drives your every emotion, feeling and action when it comes to money.

In other words, it’s a hidden mechanism. 

You’re not aware of it, yet it makes sure your financial situation will ALWAYS match what this mechanism was programmed to do. And in a moment, I will tell you how it got programmed . . . and how to change it, so it will work towards what you want. 

Now, let me briefly introduce the 3 money personality types and how they affect your financial life.

3 Money Personalities

I identified them after working with tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. No matter poor or wealthy, young or old, men or women . . . they all identified with one or two of those money personality types.

In fact, over the course of 3 years, I interviewed over 23,500 people and asked them about their experiences with money.

Guess what . . .

They all described experiences that match exactly the 3 money personality types that I discovered. From homeless to billionaires, all age groups and from every culture around the world — they all had the same repeating experiences.

Which tells me you’ll identify with one or two of those money personalities as well — because you’re not alone in your struggle.

Identifying your money personality is the first step on your journey to liberate yourself from money struggle.

So pay attention now — here they are:

  • Money Personality 1: “I never get enough money.”

People with this money personality struggle with making enough money to cover their expenses or make their dreams come true. They constantly worry about money, and they find it hard to save for the future.

  • Money Personality 2: “I get money easily yet I lose it all the time.”

This was my money personality. I never struggled with making money yet I was always losing it. People with this money personality often feel like there’s an invisible “end line” of their income — and as soon as they make a bit more money and cross that line, they’re immediately losing it all and have to start from scratch.

  • Money Personality 3: “I have money and I punish myself for it.”

These are “comfortable” or even wealthy people — including billionaires. They have all the money they will ever need — yet they’re miserable in other aspects of life. They may be struggling with love, they may feel chronically unhappy, have no real friends, they may suffer from poor health or feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

So, which one are you? Take a few seconds to contemplate on that, because this will help you further down the process.

Now, that you know that money personality is the REAL and ONLY cause of your money issues, let’s go deeper.

Let’s find out how your money personality was created . . . and what you can do to dismantle it and experience true money freedom.

Lies That We “Think” Are True

Money personalities are created from what I call money “spells”.

What are money spells? They’re a mix of beliefs, identities, emotions, traumas, thoughts and rules about money that got ingrained deep into your subconscious mind when you were a kid.

When you were a kid, you heard stories about money from your parents, teachers and friends. You saw different events related to money — and you saw how people close to you reacted to those events.

Plus, you’ve probably experienced situations that made you believe that you’re unworthy/undeserving . . . or that it’s not right for you to want something . . . or that getting what you want is painful, because later you’ll have to “pay the price” for it.

And because it all happened when you were a kid . . . you unconsciously absorbed those different emotions, beliefs, identities . . . taking them as your truth.

In other words, you unknowingly let your parents, teachers and your friends fill your mind with THEIR version of reality. 

You’ve let them put their reality-filter on yourself.

You’ve let them SHAPE your reality. 

And the same happened with me . . . and every person on Earth. 

We’ve been all programmed in the same way. 

From that time, our unconscious thoughts, identities, emotions, traumas, beliefs, or rules from childhood began controlling our money experience in adulthood.

They became our spells — hidden, unconscious mechanisms that drive our actions related to money. And it’s a fact confirmed by neuroscientists.

According to their research, we make 95% of our decisions unconsciously — like on autopilot. 

Which means that 95% of the time . . .

We’re making decisions based on our programming, based on our spells, and not on what we consciously think!

In fact, these spells affect ALL of our efforts AT thinking!

So the only way to change your financial situation is to identify and eliminate your money spells one by one. As a result, you will dismantle your money personality — the only thing that keeps you from living in wealth and happiness.

This is exactly what I did for myself in 2011 and this is what I’ve been doing for people all over the world ever since. Now, it’s time to do it for you.

Before we get into dissolving your money spells and dismantling your money personality, let’s have a quick look at how your money spells were shaped — and why it felt almost impossible for you to change your financial situation.

Why it is so Hard to Change Our Financial Reality

Up until now, you probably weren’t aware that spells exist. And I don’t blame you, because NO ONE talks about it . . . and it is virtually impossible to discover them on your own.

You see, our spells are hidden from us. They go “under our radar”, because at some point in our lives, we accepted them as our “truth.” And since then, we began thinking that our spells are . . . us.

Yet they aren’t. They’re just a mere illusion. Yet it’s a powerful illusion that rules your entire life.

So let’s have a look at how your spells were shaped. We can compare this process to learning to drive a car.

When you learn to drive a car, first, you focus a lot on turning the wheel, operating the pedals and shifting gears. But a few weeks later, you’re doing it “on autopilot.” Why? 

It’s because once you master the skill consciously, it gets pushed into your subconsciousness and becomes automated. 

Thanks to it, you can focus on the road and other cars, instead of wondering which way to turn the wheel or which pedal to press and when.

Long story short: your subconscious mind takes over operating the car.

In the very same way, your subconscious mind took over control of your EVERY thought, reaction and emotion in EVERY situation that’s related to money and abundance. 

That’s how your money spells were shaped. These spells then began interacting with each other and together, they shaped your money personality.

From that time, your money personality began creating one financial disaster after another . . . because that’s what your subconsciousness does — it repeats over and over what it’s been programmed to do. 

That’s why you’ve been finding it so hard to be “good” with money.

Finally, the REAL Answer!

Now, if I were you, reading this right now, I’d be jumping for joy. . .

Because what I just did is, probably for the first time in your life — I showed you what is really causing your money problems.

And not only did I tell you what it is — we went all the way down into the root of the roots of what causes ALL money issues — because I want you to know EXACTLY what’s going on and how to change it.

To get this information, I had to go through 30 long years filled with money disasters, tears and depression . . . and I almost lost my life before I discovered it. 

  • So I want you to stop, take a deep breath, and feel excitement waking up in your body . . .
  • Feel its warmth in your gut . . . 
  • Feel how it makes your heart beat faster . . .
  • Feel how the energy of change is waking up in your body . . .

It’s a feeling of freedom. It’s a feeling of FINALLY knowing what caused so many pain and money disasters in your life . . .

And it’s a feeling of victory!

Because soon you’ll be able to dissolve all your money spells . . . dismantle your money personality . . . and have a money miracle happen for you, just as it did for me and thousands of others who followed the same path you’re walking on right now.

Picture yourself a few days after today — receiving an unexpected wire . . . a check . . . or a commission . . . money magically showing up in your paypal account . . .

Imagine finally getting promoted . . . or landing that new amazing job you always wanted . . . Imagine landing that awesome client . . . And being able to get all the money you need and want — without losing it or feeling bad about it.

Imagine the feeling of security and the spike of self confidence it will give you. Finally you’ll be able to feel peace because . . .

Whenever you’ll need money — it will be there for you!

There won’t be any struggle, there won’t be any pain or helplessness . . .

Just pure confidence and trust that you and money are destined for each other — that there’s nothing preventing you from having and keeping money ever again.

It’s like the relief and joy after finding the water source in the desert after 2 days of desperate thirst. You just found a source so abundant, you won’t ever need to worry about having water - ever again.

You’re saved!

That’s how dismantling your money personality feels in real life. It’s like finding your own source of money in the desert of false, deep beliefs and people who made you believe that money is “hard”, scarce or just isn’t for you.

What happens in that moment, is as close to a miracle as possible.

Suddenly, money starts flowing to you. New opportunities show up, debts are wiped off, saving money becomes as easy as breathing, and you’re standing in the middle of it and cannot believe — because IT ALL HAPPENS FOR REAL . . . yet almost magically.

I’m not exaggerating. I’m just telling you what I and people who came to me for help experienced when we dismantled our money personalities. And now, I’ll tell you what causes such a profound, and as many describe it — miraculous change in our lives.

We Have the Power to Change it Instantly

If you’re interested in self-help or spirituality, I’m sure you’ve heard that, behind the screen of physicality, you’re actually an infinite, unlimited being, dwelling in an eternal bliss beyond space and time . . .

And that we came to Earth as humans, because we wanted to have experience. And… this is where everything went sideways.

Look, here’s how our typical experience on Earth looks like:

  • On Earth, we’re programmed to believe that it’s not OK to be alive. 

As little babies, we need food . . . or we need our mommy to hug us so we can feel safe . . . or we need our diaper changed . . . and we need it all IMMEDIATELY. To little babies, it’s a matter of life and death.

However, our parents often don’t come to us as quickly as we want . . . and they let us lie there alone, screaming for help. 

So we’re screaming. We’re literally thinking and feeling that we’re going to die.

And our parents? They’re busy talking over the phone or doing some other things that we don’t understand . . . while we create our first unconscious spells, telling us that we’re a burden and our existence is hard, dangerous and full of trouble.

  • Then we quickly realize that it is also not OK to be us.

As soon as we start interacting with the world — we are being told that we shouldn’t do this, we shouldn’t do that . . . that we’re doing this wrong . . . that we’ve messed something up and so on.

And then they begin telling us how “bad” we are:

“Why can’t you be like your brother?”  

“Look at George, he’s so nice and polite, why is it that hard for you to be the same?”

“Why are you always doing that? Are you crazy?!”

And whether we want it or not, we begin shaping our unconscious programs (our spells) that tell us there’s something wrong with us.

  • And then we realize that it’s not OK to want something.

I’m sure most of us can recall a situation where we wanted something badly — and got punished for it.

“How dare you even ask me to buy this? Don’t you see we’re struggling right now? I’m not made of money! Be happy with what you have, you don’t need anything else!”

  • Immediately after that, we find out that asking for what we want leads to pain.

How many times have you heard something like this:

“I’ll buy you those new boots BUT you need to . . .”

“Here’s your new toy BUT you can’t take it to your friend’s house.”

“I bought you a computer, so now you have to do what I want.”

It leads us to believe that getting what we want always leads to pain. And that sooner or later, we will need to “pay the price” for it.

All that makes us to get to the final conclusion:

“My god, please don’t let me get what I want, because it causes me so much PAIN!”

And since it happens so early in our lives, in most cases, we’re not even aware of what’s going on. It happens in the background — shaping our unconscious programs — our spells.

Then, those spells begin telling the unlimited part of us to create all those limits, disasters and pain in our lives that we deeply believe in. And since our power is unlimited, all those disasters appear in our life, as accurate as clockwork.

In a way, this shows how powerful we are. Because no matter the circumstances, we can always find the way to create yet another event that proves that our unconscious programs are true.

And if you’re like most people — including myself — I’m sure you can relate.

I’m sure you can recall situations or patterns in your financial life that keep on repeating themselves — no matter what you do.

I’m sure you can see other people achieving what you want with ease . . . and even though you may be following the very same strategies or methods that they do . . . you never achieve the same success.

The only difference between you and them is your money personality — the subconscious mechanism that designs your whole financial experience.

So the root of all change begins and ends in our subconsciousness . . .

And to make this change happen, you need to dissolve your money spells — which will help you to dismantle your money personality.

And when you do this — the change in your life will happen almost instantly . . . because you really are an unlimited being. You have the power to change your entire life in a matter of days — even minutes.

And here’s how you can achieve it the easiest
and the most effective way that I am personally aware of.

Experience True Money Freedom

To help as many people as possible to enhance their financial situation by dismantling their money personality . . . based on 30 years of my own inner work and then 9 years of helping tens of thousands of people . . .

I have created the easiest and most comprehensive process that puts your transformation on autopilot.

And I called it the Money Freedom Process 3.0.

It is not a meditation. It contains no affirmations, no chants, no hypnosis and no other fancy yet useless techniques.

That’s why I can assure you that you’ve never experienced anything like that before.

It’s a guided experience that reaches to the deepest parts of your brain to erase harmful money spells. It does it thanks to unique “mind programming tools” that I have discovered, tested and proven to work.

Let me make this clear — every tool and technique that I put into this process comes after me researching, testing, experimenting and improving them for over 39 years.

It’s not that I’ve read a book or heard someone talking about a technique and I thought “Oh, cool, I will add it to this process because it sounds good.”


EVERY technique in this process is there because I have tested and proved it to work on thousands of people.

And because I have found a way to combine them all together into a single and easy process — their effectiveness skyrocketed.

So I can guarantee that there’s nothing like it in the entire world.

12% pay increase a day after!

$500 shows up while listening to the process

“No one ever gave me the hope I feel now!”

“Mind-blowing on the deepest level I have ever felt.”

“So wonderful to purchase a beautiful piece of land and home for my daughter and her fiance.”

Now, let me show you what tools and techniques I have incorporated into the Money Freedom Process 3.0 and why.

Sound “Healing” Frequencies:

Specific sounds and frequencies have been proven to have a beneficial impact on our health and mental state.

They help you relax, quiet down the thoughts, stimulate your subconscious mind and put you in a state in which you’re more open to receive new messages, that are designed to reprogram your subconsciousness.

What’s amazing about the sounds and frequencies in the Money Freedom Process 3.0 is that they allow you to reach to the deepest parts of your subconscious mind with my verbal techniques . . . without the need to put you in hypnosis, meditation or to silence your consciousness.

Which means this process works even for people who have trouble concentrating and quieting down their thoughts!

What’s more, these aren’t just some samples I downloaded and pasted in the background . . .

Those are real instruments that I own.

These include: 

  • A set of 12 “True-Tone” Crystal Singing Bowls - These bowls emanate the EXACT frequencies of the organs and glands of the human body. Listening and FEELING these frequencies alone can have profound mental, physical and emotional healing effects. In combination with everything else I added into the MFP 3.0, these sounds can take you into the most profound bliss states.
  • A set of Tibetan Singing Bowls - they create relaxing, healing states in your body, without the need of hypnosis or other “going under” techniques.
  • The Human Organs set of Tuning Forks - Each organ in our body has its’ own core resonant frequency. Listening to, and feeling tuning forks and bowls that are “tuned” to these precise frequencies have profound effects on our organs and systems.
  • Planetary and Galactic set of Tuning Forks and Metal Singing Bowls - Ancient wisdom and recent research confirms the strange truth that each planet and star has its own “Primary Core Frequency”. Listening to pure planetary and galactic frequencies can help bring all of the systems of our bodies back into resonant harmony and balance.
  • A 24 Carat Gold and Crystal “Pure Empowerment Frequency” bowl. This bowl emanates powerful feelings of encouragement, confidence, certainty and clarity. You’ll be able to literally FEEL the vibrations of this bowl as you go through the MFP 3.0 

Verbal techniques.

Verbal techniques in the Money Freedom Process 3.0 are designed to dissolve your spells, dismantle your money personality, and ingrain new emotions, beliefs, identities and reactions into your subconscious mind. The Spellbreaking work included in this MFP 3.0 is the result of over 40 years of research, practice, development and fine-tuning.

Thanks to this combination or verbal and sonic “magic”, you will be able to literally erase all those harmful spells that were pushing you toward yet another money disaster, over and over again.

In their place, you’ll put a new program that will work towards what you want. That will help to drive your every emotion, belief and action related to money so it will be easier for you to make more, you will feel good about it and you’ll stop worrying about losing it again.

The verbal techniques include:

  • Quantum Questions.

There is nothing more powerful than Quantum Questions when it comes to changing your personal reality.

I developed Quantum Questions when I realized how worthless and harmful affirmations can actually be. Let me explain.

Let’s say we’re not happy with our bank account.

We then go into any variation of “I’m wealthy . . . Money comes to me easily . . . I have millions of dollars . . .”

While in the deeper parts of our mind . . . We know we’re lying.

Those statements are in opposition to what we deeply believe and know. They put us in opposition to ourselves. They give a clear signal to our mind that we are liars. That’s why our mind makes no effort to help us manifest those millions we ask for.

So when I realized that affirmations can do more harm than good — I started looking for an alternative.

This is when Quantum Questions were born.

Quantum Questions almost “magically” encourage your subconscious mind to change the deep beliefs, paradigms, identities and underlying emotions which are ruling your financial life.

They do it because they are questions — not absolute statements like affirmations. So when you’re asking yourself a question — your brain can’t deny it. And even if it tried — it would have no time to do it because you will immediately ask another question, and another, and another.

  • Ho’oponopono

It’s an ancient Hawaiian technique that allows you to find peace and forgive yourself and the others for anything that caused you pain or harm.

By doing so, you’re letting go of all the thoughts that were keeping you from reaching happiness, abundance and peace of mind. This technique is so powerful that a Hawaiian therapist, Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD, used it to heal every patient in the criminally insane ward of a Hawaii State Hospital . . . without even seeing them.

He simply read their records and began repeating the Ho’oponopono mantra specific to their criminal past and current condition.

As amazing as it sounds, he healed the prisoners . . . by healing himself.

  • A few dozen advanced verbal techniques that help reprogram your subconsciousness.

I discovered and developed these techniques after dissolving thousands of spells for other people over the course of the last decade. That’s why you won’t find those powerful words and sentences anywhere else!

Your Money Liberation Begins Here

Congratulations, my friend. Now you know more about eliminating your money troubles than most people will ever learn. In fact, now you know more than most spiritual or self-help gurus, psychologists, energy workers and other experts!

And I’m so happy that I could share this powerful knowledge with you today — because this process works. And you’ve seen several of the THOUSANDS of testimonials I’ve received, all over this page that prove how powerful it is.

If you’ll stick with it, you will be able to look at money differently. You will feel different emotions . . . different reactions . . . and different feelings about money.

And suddenly, everything will change.

Whatever didn’t work for you in the past, will finally become easier . . .

Maybe you will finally find that great job or a business idea you’ve been looking for your entire life.

And you will perceive money as being “just as easy” as every other thing . . .

Because everything’s energy — and what you deeply believe about that energy, reflects your experience in the material world.

Have you ever run out of air?

Or have you ever thought it was hard to get sand?

If everything’s energy . . . then why would it be hard for you to get money?

The truth is — it isn’t.

You have simply been programmed to believe that you’re unworthy . . . or that wealthy people are bad . . . or that making more money than the others is unfair . . . or that you will lose friends and family once you get rich . . . and so on, and so forth.

This is the only reason why you experienced money troubles.

And soon this can finally change, thanks to the Money Freedom Process 3.0.

Lasting Money Miracle for Less Than 2 Cups of Coffee

Many people have paid all the way from $800 for an 1-hour private session with me . . . to $24,000 to spend 4 days with me at my place in Hawaii, so I could walk them through this process and eliminate their money trouble once and for all.

Yet there were two problems.

First — there’s just one “me”. Which means I can work only with a limited amount of people — while I’d love to help as many as possible.

Second — not everyone could invest $800 for a single session . . . and even less could afford to work with me in person in Hawaii.

So to solve those 2 problems, I have recorded the whole process and made it . . . 

THE most effective and affordable solution to your money problems that I‘ve ever seen!

First, I wanted to offer it for $88 — because this single process contains 39 years of priceless experiences that I’ve been developing, testing and proving on myself and thousands of other people . . . and at this price, it would be worth every single penny.

But then I started thinking about what’s going on in the world today.

Millions of people are living in constant fear, worrying about their financial situation . . . desperate to make more money or to grow their savings . . .

Plus, all those global events hint that we may be on the verge of the biggest economic crisis of the modern world . . .

And that’s scary for a lot of people.

So I decided to offer the Money Freedom Process 3.0 at a much lower price

So that everyone, especially people who need it most, can get it, and begin enhancing their financial situation starting today.

And because of the crisis . . .

I have updated the entire process with my newest findings — so it is even stronger now than before.

You know, I’m fed up with solutions that take your money, give you hope — and leave you with no result whatsoever.

I’ve wasted far too much money on such products for over 30 years, when I was desperately searching for help.

And I almost lost my life because of it.

So if there would be a society of people who have no respect for those false solutions, I’d probably be their king. ;-)

Obviously, I couldn’t do this to you — I couldn’t give you false hope, especially in such desperate times.

That’s why I offer you the most powerful tool on Earth that I am aware of, so you can use it to experience your own money miracle.

I offer you the tool that I have proven to work, over and over again.

And I offer it to you at the lowest possible price.

Because to get the Money Process 3.0, you need to invest JUST $33!

Which is a pure “STEAL”!

Think about it . . .

Just $33 for the most powerful tool that can change your entire experience related to money in a matter of days . . . sometimes even hours . . .

It’s less than you’d need to pay for 2 or 3 premium cups of coffee . . . yet it can change just about EVERYTHING in your life . . . and you’re getting it for a lifetime.

It means you’ll always have it with you — to help you live happily in wealth, health and abundance.

You can get it today and experience it whenever you want.

And with each time that you’ll experience it, the Money Freedom Process 3.0 will lead you to a greater change in your financial life.

To make it work, you don’t need any vision boards; you don’t need any affirmations, any notepads, stick-me notes — nothing.

All you need is to listen to it with full presence — and allow it to create a lasting change in your life.

It’s as simple as it can get . . . and so effective, I’m constantly receiving new messages from people who changed their financial situation with this single process.

"I wish for every single person in the world to meet this Hawaiian dude that’s here on this Earth to literally work miracles."

Nadine Du Toit

"Brian is the real deal. He has changed every aspect of my life for the better."

Jack Humphrey

"I am no longer stuck. Brian is a true genius. Highly recommended."

David Kinney

"Brian will completely change your life. I spent years with the top coaches but never had a real breakthrough, until I found Brian.

Steve Ieverlla

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There will also be a mind-blowing gift waiting for you . . . yet I don’t want to spoil the surprise . . . though I’m sure you’ll be thrilled!

The $33 price will last until this uncertain situation is over — then, the Money Freedom Process 3.0 will get back to its normal price of $88.

So don’t waste your precious life struggling with money, while liberation is so close!

Because the Money Freedom Process 3.0 can be the very last tool you will ever need to enhance your financial situation for good.

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That’s why I’m so convinced it can do the same for you.

And right now, you can get it for less than 2 or 3 premium cups of coffee — which is a bargain of a lifetime.

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