You’ve already seen and heard enough of the incredible, and often miraculous, results our clients are getting.

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And now, you’re ready to experience your own breakthrough, or the end of a long-term mental, physical, emotional, relational or financial issue. Or maybe you are ready to elevate your life by accessing your own Infinite Intelligence and Perfect Guidance.

Prepare to experience Brians’ work eye to eye and face to face. All sessions are done using Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom Video Calls.

A full 1 hour private 1 on 1 session with Brian: $800 to infinity!

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The Gifting Page

NOTE: If days or weeks or months later you realize that this one session has totally changed your life for the better, you may return to this gifting page to make an additional payment used to support the work of Brian (and all those he is able to help for free)

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Full Day VIP Privates Session

Brian is now offering a private Full VIP Day to allow plenty of time to dig into all of your life issues and clear them one at a time.

These are offfered in one of the following 3 ways:

  • in person in Hawaii at Brian’s home on the Big Island
  • OR, he can fly to you when available to do so (you would be responsible for his travel expenses)
  • OR, can be done over Skype or Zoom remotely.