Level 5 Mentoring was founded on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2011 as a real solution for people who are feeling the inner pull of “the shift”, who know and sense that “there is more here” for them and who know they are being shown a higher level of power, peace, prosperity and presence — and yet find the available offerings in the areas of self-help, personal/professional development/spirituality and the Law of Attraction to be incomplete and unsatisfying.

In the last 5 years, we have been able to touch and help over 53,000 in 83 countries through live events, online programs and webinars.

Our mission is to dramatically impact the lives of 300,000,000 people – assisting them to take significant steps into Total Personal Freedom – the ability to consciously create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of their dreams.

Unlike most self-improvement options offering partial solutions to specific life-issues, we focus exclusively on helping you to shift ALL life/health/relationship/business/money issues simultaneously by addressing the “Primary Core Constraint” of your Core Paradigm – which is largely unaddressed by other offered solutions.

Most of our clients are entrepreneurs and change-makers, people who truly desire to, and have the capacity to, significantly affect and alter not only their own lives, but the lives of others.

The Level 5 Approach gives you the ability to address any and every area of life with ONE complete, elegant solution: The Level 5 Paradigm. This “magic bullet” literally addresses every subject, issue or challenge at its’ roots, not just eliminating “problems” (all problems) but also eliminating “The Illusion of Problems”.

In the expanded light and vision of this paradigm, you find the ever-present resources to be able to dissolve every challenge (past, present and future) by accessing Infinite Intelligence, Ever-Present Guidance and all of the Limitless Energy that creates all Universes. In applying the Level 5 Paradigm, you come face to face with the reality that this was actually here all along, and you become fully aware of how (and why) you created the illusion of limitation.

This awareness keeps you in flow – where you are able to dissolve all evidence of limitation as it arises – and in all situations at all times.

Our advanced Transformation to Liberation Program gives you the only complete, body/mind/spirit/heart/soul approach that starts at the Core Paradigm Level and works out through all of your “bodies” to help you Re-Member and Re-Know your True, Infinite Self.

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