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Now, I have an important announcement to make.

You already know that in the Global INrising Movement . . .

We are going to change the world —
by changing what’s deep inside us

And you already know from the scientific experiments I quoted on the previous page, that the more people gather together at one time to raise the same intention — the more profound results they can achieve.

That’s why growing the Global INrising Movement is my #1 goal. I want to make it THE biggest and THE most impactful movement in history — and dissolve this pandemic of fear for good.

I’ve been growing it for weeks now using my Facebook and YouTube channels. Together with my team we’ve spent hundreds of hours to make it happen.

And we did it -- people were coming and we were (and still are) growing. But there was a problem . . .

We were doing it too slow.

That’s why we decided to reach deeper into our pockets and start advertising on Facebook — to reach as many people as possible with this message of freedom. 

However, we don’t have unlimited funds — because we’re not making any money from creating the Global INrising Movement. And this is when we want to ask you for help.

The Global INrising Movement is 100% free and all the tools are free as well.  But if you resonate with what we’re doing  and if you truly feel that together we are up to something big here . . .

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