You're on this page because you're ready. You're ready to step into total personal freedom. You're ready to set your business free - and to fully liberate your LIFE.

And after all of the procrastination, wasted time, frustration and overwhelm, you're ready to FINALLY dissolve the Core Paradigm that has been keeping you stuck.

When you FULLY RE-realize that you are actually a body of infinite, eternal energy in a universe of infinite, eternal energy, all of the limitations literally dissolve in the awareness.

Leaving YOU - a being of infinite wisdom, knowledge, clarity, power and peace. (And the ability to Consciously Create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of your dreams.

“I've worked with the best coaches, mentors, energy workers and shamans from around the planet. One simple question from Brian unlocked something I’ve been refusing to let go of for a really long time!” *

— Katherine McIntosh,  International speaker,
Best-Selling Author of The No-Judgment Diet
“I am no longer stuck. Brian is a true genius. Highly recommended!” *

— David Kinney, The Kinney Group
“Years and years of stuck energy just shifted and fell away.” *

— Aline Boundy, Align with Your Purpose
This is the fast track to dissolving EVERYTHING that has been holding you back.

The vast  majority of courses available out there may have great content, but they come from the same paradigm that your “problems” come from. When you look at “problems” from the same level at which you were thinking when you created them - you won’t get a true solution.  You get another wave of “problems” to deal with.

When you open to a new paradigm, things can really change - and quickly. When you change to the "ultimate paradigm" (the Level 5 Paradigm) EVERYTHING begins to change to align with that radical truth.

The FIRST STEP in the Conscious Creation program is to dissolve that Core Paradigm and install the Level 5 Paradigm directly into your 'inner operating system." That is the sole focus on Module 1 - and you're just minutes away from that life-transforming experience!

This prepares and empowers you to step into the Infinite Being you truly are - so you can begin to Consciously Create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of your dreams. You'll do all of that and more in modules 2-7. Click to join us now - or get more details below.
Imagine: What will it be like to be able to
consciously create the body, health,
business, wealth, relationships, life and
world of your dreams?
Your Conscious Creation Program Includes:
Module 1: Installing the Level 5 Paradigm
You can work on your language and behaviors. You can try to change your beliefs. You can strain against the chains you have created for yourself. You can try to fix your life - and create an endless stream of brokenness.

Or you can simply change your CORE Paradigm and watch everything automatically begin to line up FOR you. That is what we are going to do in Module 1.
Module 2: The Radical Truth of Manifestation
How To Create What You REALLY Want to Experience. There is a LOT of teaching "out there" about manifestation. Most of it neglects the most basic, essential truth of our human experience, and creates needless difficulty and confusion.

In Module 2, we strip away ALL needless complexity and dive into the heart and soul of how to STOP the momentum of what you already think and believe that you know and begin to create momentum into what you TRULY want to experience.
Module 3: The Money/Business/Success Belief-Shift Process
"Money", like all other "things", doesn't actually exist. However, our nearly unlimited "knowings" about it hold us in a perpetual prison of lack, difficulty and scarcity.

In this module, we dissolve the deepest roots of our ideas about money, business and success/failure so you can start to immediately have some wiggle-room to begin your expansion into your naturally infinitely wealthy state.
Module 4: Quantum Questions
We have arrived at a place a power, peace and presence and we are ready to expand into our ultimate state of Infinite, Unlimited Being of Energy in a State of Infinite Possibilities.

Quantum Questions are the magical tool that helps you to intentionally aim the limitless creative power and "stuff of the universe" directly into the creation of anything and everything you most desire. In this module, you'll learn what they are, how and why they work and how to begin to create and form your own ideal Quantum Questions.
Module 5: Mastering Intentional Manifestation
You are already a master of manifestation! Just look at your life. It is FULL of everything you have ever asked for, demanded and believed in.

In this module, we expand our mastery of INTENTION so we can consistently HOLD the aims and desires and create more and more of the expansion of anything and everything we want. (I did this one LIVE and the members of the program are STILL raving about it!)
Module 6: Next-Level Manifestation Mastery
In this Module, we expand into the ultimate simplicity. We find out what life is truly about and how to make our intentional manifestation begin to become truly effortless and automatic.

I'm going to help you to form your Ultimate Manifestation "Lens" - an "ULTRA Quantum Question"

Module 7: Bonus Module
This module will be formed and created by YOUR questions and challenges (Coming Soon!)

SPECIAL Price: $797

But wait, there’s more. ;-)

I’ve designed this to be the most powerful, effective and efficient program ever designed for entrepreneurs and change-makers who are craving True Personal and Professional Freedom.

And it is.

But I’m kinda fanatical about over-delivering. And I won’t allow anything less than a 100% Success Rate for members of this program. So, I’ve created a stunning set of ultra-high-value bonuses to multiply the value - and your results!
BONUS Tools!
Bonus 1: Money Spellbreak™ Webinars
Money issues are the deepest and most challenging of all. Often when I work with a client, the money issues are the last things to change. I want to jumpstart the process for you. I recently did 3 LIVE Money Spellbreak Webinars addressing the core issues of financial problems. All three of them are ready in your member’s area!
Value $2400

Bonus 2: The Money Freedom Process 2.0
I just created version 2.0 of the 7 year old "Money Freedom Process". It contains all of the insights and “magic” I’ve gained over the last 7 years of helping tens of thousands of people - and now it’s even more powerful than ever before. 
Value Priceless
Bonus 3: Conscious Creators 5.0 Program
This is my most recent FULL program. I took a global group of entrepreneurs and changemakers through a 12-week program of teaching, training and spellbreaking on a huge range of topics. You’ll get access to ALL of the sessions and spell-breaks!
Value $3000
Bonus 4: The “Century of the Self” Video Series
This four-part series is a total game-changer. You’ll learn exactly how governments, militaries, education systems, and global marketing machines have invested hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars into programming us (literally) to think in ways that make us powerless and resourceless. This is a KEY to breaking free.
Value Priceless
Bonus 5: Ultimate Power of Conscious Breathing
This content is from my Break Your Self Help Addiction Course. It will give you a set of simple tools for releasing stress, trauma and chronic debilitating emotions - in the moment. I’m getting daily reports of miracles, breakthroughs and insights from the application of this magical information.
Value Priceless
Bonus 6: Private, Members-Only Facebook Group
One of the biggest pains of being an entrepreneur or change-maker is "isolation". We have solved that - and created a magical space where you can connect, communicate and mastermind with Level-5-living, conscious, brilliant people around the world - 24/7.

Imagine, needing advice or support - or just a word of encouragement - and being able to click and reach out to like-minded and like-hearted friends - anytime!
Value Priceless

So, you're getting a radically powerful, life-and-business-transforming program that is easily worth $5000 (plus at least $10,000 in REAL value in bonuses) for less than $1000 (Much less pay what you can)?!?!
Why would I do that?

1. Because I can.

2. Because I’m planning to have a solid 100% success rate with EVERY member in this program. (Full disclosure: I’ll use every one of those powerful testimonials in future marketing and future iterations of this program.)

The value is real. The program is next-level. And now, it is decision time. If you are truly ready to setting your business - and your life - free, take action and join us now.
Some Frequently Asked Questions
Is this an online program? 
Yes, it is an online program in a private membership site. 

How much time does it take to do each module?
Each module is independent with video and text elements. You can go through a module in less than an hour - but/and most of my clients go through each one MANY times, absorbing more awesomeness every time. 

Do you recommend doing one module per day? One per week? One per month? In other words how long does it normally take to do the entire program?
This is not time-dependent at all. You will go at your own pace - again, probably doing each module several times and getting deeper into yourself and what you want each time. 

What if I don't even know what my dreams are? Can this program help me?
Absolutely! The question of "purpose" and "mission" is a huge source of pain and confusion for most people. This program can help you gain clarity and certainty unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Total Program value PLUS Bonuses over $15,000 
SPECIAL Price: $797

“Brian is not just genius. Brian is very connected, very knowledgeable, very passionate and the best I’ve ever seen at uncovering people’s problems.” *

— Blake Goodwin, CEO VideoOptimize
“Brian has the key to open the door to your new life, away from the old programming.” *

— Lisa Bush, Healer, Coach
“Released a mindset that caused a lifetime of struggle in one session.” *

— Felicia Slattery, Business Communications Specialist

Total Program value PLUS Bonuses over $15,000 
SPECIAL Price: $797
Pay What You Can!

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* DISCLAIMER: Results are individual experiences and vary from person to person.


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